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I finished David Sedaris’s book, and my break from hard prose, last night. The whole book was a hoot–I’ll probably try out some more trendy essays the next time I need a break from slow reading. Actually, I’m pretty charged up to continue in Christ and Culture.

No dream recollection this morning, but more dog stories. Sabrina is still on the warpath; her latest victim was a bag full of bathroom trash that I had bagged up but not taken out in the rain. Oy. That’ll be a project today to gather up.

I’m not feeling like writing a great deal this morning, obviously. Mary’s OBGYN appointment yesterday went entirely smoothly, and our baby has a strong heartbeat. Mary’s right on track as far as gaining weight goes, and everything is cool in general. In a little over three weeks, we’ll get the ultrasound on video and find out what sex our baby is. I think that’ll be the coolest so far.


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