Worn Down

We flew in from Pittsburgh yesterday afternoon, and so our Fall travel season is over. My body still hasn’t recovered from the 20-hour day (3:45 AM-midnight) that we turned in Saturday. Mary is still sad because we spent our last night in the parsonage. But overall, the trip was good. Mary’s sister-in-law surprised us (ambushed us, really) with about two hundred dollars worth of maternity clothes for Mary. We had a retirement party at an ice hockey rink. We were there for Ollie’s last Sunday school class. Pretty cool stuff. Pictures of nieces and nephews to come.

I’ve only got the death sequences left in Malory, but this weekend I was instead reading H. Richard Niebuhr’s Christ and Culture. Having read Hauerwas’s and Yoder’s critiques of Niebuhr since I was nineteen, I’ve been spotting all kinds of categorical difficulties. No surprise. What is surprising is how well written the piece is. This book deserves its masterpiece status, and I’m sure that I’ll say so when I finish the book and post on the “Christ and Culture” thread over at the Ooze.

I’m not sure that my body has regenerated to the point that my brain can generate dreams, so no dream recollection this morning. Just a weekend recap and a hot shower. Shower, here I come.


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2 responses to “Worn Down

  1. imatt!

    one of my professors at Emmanuel did his doctoral thesis on niebuhr. i’m hoping to get around to something of his one of these days.

  2. Nathan P. Gilmour

    Christ and Culture is certainly one worth reading. I’m up to position number three–“Christ Above Culture.” I’ll be commenting as the book goes by.

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