Strange Hymns

I don’t remember the content of my dream last night, but I do remember that there was a hymn, to the tune of “The Way of the Cross Leads Home,” somewhere in there:

The fool and the good die young

The fool and the good die young

It is good to know as I older grow

The-e-e-e fool and the good die young

Have you ever noticed in some late nineteenth and early twentieth century hymns where a syllable that shouldn’t be sat upon gets elongated beyond reason? In the actual hymn, the definite article gets stretched as well.

I’m hoping that Niebuhr’s book comes to the library today–it would be nice to have something other than Jonathan Edwards to read in the airport. But I’ve got other books–perhaps I’ll take a Vonnegut novel with me this time. I’ve got to get the house presentable this morning–Alex is in town, and he’s wanting to grab some lunch. I suppose that’s good as far as cleaning goes–it’ll keep me off the computer when I get back to the house. And it’ll be great to see Alex again. I’m sure we’ll have scads, as always, to talk about.


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