Season Premieres

No dream recollection this morning, as Mary once again woke up when my alarm went off (it usually takes light and sound). But Gilmore Girls and Smallville are off and running, and our school year diversion season has started. Neither show indicated any slacking in writing or acting, so I’m anticipating a good season for each.

The Arthur cycle, or at least Malory’s version of it, is a bizarre thing. Arthur is conceived when King Uther utilizes magic to have an illicit affair. Galahad, the purest of knights, comes about when Launcelot is trying to have an adulterous encounter with Guinevere but is tricked into sleeping with Elaine instead. Gawain just can’t seem to keep it in his armor at all. Moreover, these knights do whatever they can to protect “maidens,” but already in my little abridged version of Malory, two matrons have had their heads hacked off. I really need to read Lewis’s actual work defending the concept of chivalry; from Malory, it doesn’t look all that Christianized.

The old Lois Lane was on Smallville last night. The old Lana Lang is a main character. The old Clark Kent has made numerous cameos. Yes, folks, it’s time for Gene Hackman to make an appearance! If the Smallville producers are reading this, you know it’s true. Get Gene on the phone, and make it happen!


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