Mad as Zell

Weird one last night–I dreamed that I was receiving instructions from a future employee about someone the future employee wanted investigated. The weird thing was, all the flash-forwards were about studying to be a private investigator, not about the case itself. And I had no idea who the employer was. The alarm clock was especially weird after all the temporal bending…

I hate to dwell on national politics, and I imagine that once the defend-the-indefensible convention in New York is over, I’ll chill out some, but Zell Miller just bugs me. I’m no Democrat, so his flip-flopping has no particular bearing on me. But his “Good ol’ Southern Boy” schtick has never seemed so fake. Moreover, his selection of “good” moments in U.S. relations abroad is, to put it bluntly, horrifying.

He wants us to remember fondly the U.S.’s Cold War treatment of Greece. I wonder whether he’s most proud that the U.S. backed the fascists in the thirties or the military coup in the sixties. Of course, he was adamant that soldiers, not protestors, give us freedom of to protest. I suppose that’s why he likes military dictatorships–so many soldiers around all the time, there must be lots of freedom. I wonder if he’s ever been to North Korea. He’s also pleased as can be about our history in Iran–I guess up until the people’s revolution in the seventies that overthrew America’s puppet dictatorship there. Iran is another proud moment Zell would have us remember. The Shah had some wicked secret police, and they weren’t hamstrung by any whiny liberals–I guess the people just didn’t like that kind of freedom, because it got so bad that they preferred Ayatollah Khomeini to the freedom that the U.S. wanted to give them. Some pepole just don’t appreciate a liberator.

He also wished that we had funded SDI more fully; I don’t suppose anyone’s told ol’ Zell that the cold war is over and that no missiles actually got launched that would require Star Wars satellites.

Bless his heart.

I think I’ll stay away from the RNC broadcast tonight–it makes me grumpy. Look for more positive posts in the near future.


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